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          90% Efficient Synchronous Step-Up Converter with 1.1A Switch
          90% Efficient Synchronous Step-Up Converter with 1.1A Switch

          The SGM6603 is a constant frequency, current mode, synchronous step-up switching regulator. Its output currents can go as high as 75mA while using a single-cell alkaline, and discharge it down to 0.9V. It can also be used for generating 5V at 400mA from a 3.3V rail or a Li-Ion battery.

          High switching frequency minimizes the sizes of inductor and capacitor. Integrated power MOSFETs and internal compensation make the SGM6603 simple to use and fit the total solution into a compact space.

          For light load current, the SGM6603 enters into the power-save mode to maintain high efficiency. Anti-ringing control circuitry reduces EMI concerns by damping the inductor in discontinuous mode. The SGM6603 provides true output disconnect and this allows VOUT to go to zero volt during shutdown without drawing any current from the input source.

          The output voltage of SGM6603-ADJ can be programmed by an external resistor divider, and those of SGM6603-3.3/SGM6603-5.0 are fixed internally on the chip. The device is available in a SOT-23-6 package. It operates over an ambient temperature range of -40 to +85.



          • 90% Efficient Synchronous Boost Converter

          • Device Quiescent Current: 30μA (TYP)

          • Less than 1μA Shutdown Current

          • Input Voltage Range: 0.9V to 5.5V

          • 3.3V and 5.0V Fixed Output Voltages

          • Adjustable Output Voltage Up to 5.5V

          • Output Voltage Clamping: 6V

          • Power-Save Mode for Improved Efficiency at Low Output Power

          • Load Disconnect During Shutdown

          • Over-Temperature Protection

          • Available in a Green SOT-23-6 Package

          • -40 to +85 Operating Temperature Range


          Single-Cell Li Battery Powered Products

          Portable Audio Players

          Cellular Phones

          Personal Medical Products

          Part NumberStatusPackagePinsPb-FreeTemp Range
          SGM6603-ADJYN6G/TRProductionSOT-23-66Y-40℃ to +85℃
          SGM6603-3.3YN6G/TRProductionSOT-23-66Y-40℃ to +85℃
          SGM6603-5.0YN6G/TRProductionSOT-23-66Y-40℃ to +85℃