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          Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver
          Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver

          The SGM42600 provides a dual bridge motor driver solution for battery-powered toys, printers and other low-voltage or battery-powered motion control applications. The device has two H-bridge drivers, and can drive two DC brush motors, a bipolar stepper motor, solenoids, or other inductive loads.

          The output driver block of each H-bridge consists of N-channel power MOSFETs configured as an H-bridge to drive the motor windings. Each H-bridge includes circuitry to regulate or limit the winding current.

          With proper PCB design, each H-bridge of the SGM42600 is capable of driving up to 1.5A RMS (or DC) continuously, at +25 with a VCC supply of 5V. It can support peak currents of up to 2A per H-bridge. Current capability is reduced slightly at lower VCC voltages.

          Internal shutdown functions with a fault output pin are provided for H-bridge over-current protection, power supply under-voltage lockout, charge pump under-voltage lockout and over-temperature protection. If one of fault conditions happens, the SGM42600 would prevent each input PWM signal from driving H-bridge and H-bridge is in high impedance status.

          A low-power sleep mode is also provided to save power dissipation. If nSLEEP is low, the SGM42600 will enter into sleep state.

          The SGM42600 is available in Green TQFN-4×4-16L and TSSOP-16 (Exposed Pad) packages. It operates over an ambient temperature range of -40 to +125.


          Snap3.png   Snap4.png

          • Dual H-Bridge Current-Controlled Motor Driver Capable of Driving Two DC Motors or One Stepper Motor

          • Low MOSFET On-Resistance: HS + LS 410mΩ

          • Output Current 1.5A RMS, 2A Peak per H-Bridge (at VCC = 5V, +25

          • 2.7V to 24V Wide Power Supply Voltage Range

          • PWM Winding Current Regulation/Limiting

          • Fault Indication Output

          • Available in Green TSSOP-16 (Exposed Pad) and TQFN-4×4-16L Packages


          Battery-Powered Toys

          POS Printers

          Video Security Cameras

          Office Automation Machines

          Gaming Machines


          Part NumberStatusPackagePinsPb-FreeTemp Range
          SGM42600XTQE16G/TRProductionTQFN-4×4-16L16Y-40℃ to +125℃
          SGM42600XPTS16G/TRProductionTSSOP-16 (Exposed Pad)16Y-40℃ to +125℃