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          Dual 1.1A LED Flash Driver with I2C-Compatible Interface
          Dual 1.1A LED Flash Driver with I2C-Compatible Interface

          The SGM3784 is a very compact, highly efficient, dual white LED flash driver for high resolution camera phones that improves picture and video quality in low light environments. The device integrates a programmable 1.6MHz or 3MHz synchronous inductive boost converter, an I2C-compatible interface, and two 1.1A current sources. The high switching frequency enables the use of a tiny, 1mm high, low cost, 1μH power inductor, and the parallel current sources permit LED cathode grounding for thermally enhanced, low EMI and compact layouts.

          The LED driver maximizes efficiency over the entire battery voltage range to maximize the input-power-to-LED-power conversion and minimize battery current draw during flash events.

          A programmable DC battery current limit safely maximizes LED current for all LED forward voltage and battery voltage conditions.

          A Transmitter Mask (TxMASK) input enables fast reduction of the flash LED currents and battery current during a power amplifier current burst. The I2C-compatible interface can be used to program timers and currents and to read back status bits for operation monitoring and safety control.

          The SGM3784 is available in WLCSP-2×1.6-12B package and operates within specification over the full -40 to +85 operating temperature range.



          • Ultra Compact Solution

              Small, WLCSP-2×1.6-12B Package

              Smallest Footprint, 1mm-Height, 1μH Power Inductor

          • LED Current Source for Local LED Grounding

              Simplified Routing to and from LEDs

              Improved LED Thermal Dissipation

          • Synchronous 3MHz PWM Boost Converter, No External Diode

          • High Efficiency: 95% Peak

          • I2C Programmable

              Currents up to 1.1A in Flash Mode per LED When VIN is not Lower than 3.6V (The Total 2  LEDs Current is 1.5A When VIN is Lower than 3.6V)

              Torch Mode

              Programmable DC Battery Current Limit

              Programmable Flash Timer up to 1600ms

              Low Battery Mode to Reduce LED Current Automatically

          • Device Control

              I2C-Compatible Control Registers

              External STROBE and Torch Input Pins

              Transmitter Mask (TxMASK) Input

          • Safety Features

              Thermal Overload Protection

              Inductor Fault Detection

              LED Short-Circuit/Open-Circuit Protection


          Camera-Enabled Cellular Phones and Smart-Phones

          Digital Still Cameras, Camcorders and PDAs

          Part NumberStatusPackagePinsPb-FreeTemp Range
          SGM3784YG/TRProductionWLCSP-2×1.6-12B12Y-40℃ to +85℃Samples